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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We started early in the morning. The pond was quite dirty and muddy at the bottom. It was not a very good habitat for our precious fishes to live. It took a whole day to complete all the process from removed all the water vegetation, replaced the fishes to smaller pond, dried the pond, removed all the mud, took datas of all the fishes include its weigh and numbers, refilled the pond with clean non clorine water and at last but not least, put back all the fishes before dark.

Beside the water vegetation, we also planted many pandan for household used. 
Smaller fishes like to play around its bushy roots. My mother would put a branch of it into a pot of meat The meat became tender easily and taste good.

The pond looked different without the vegetation.

All the fishes had to be removed from the pond and put into another smaller pond while we were cleaning  it.

We were scraping all the mud out of the pond. was not an easy work!! It took  one whole day.
I could catch the fishes so easily since the water in the second pond was not that deep.  Wow!! It was great.

We have many Jelawat in the pond.  It was so slippery and hardly to hold it even for a few seconds. Its shiny silvery scales makes this fish so beautiful. Scientific name: Leptobarbus hoevenii. Known as "fish of a king" as long time a go, it was used to be served only for a king .As time changed, people breed it widely and commercialized it.

This was my favourite one. I called it "Red King". calm it was in my hand. Kalui doesn't tend to be very aggressive in the adult age and it likes some company of a similar size and temperament. Its scientific name is Osphronemus goramy

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