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Thursday, April 14, 2011


FCUPRODUCTION  has a new project that is making a video clips for Jimmy Fong, a singer from Melbourne, Australia. He is a Malaysian but has been living in Australia for more than 30 years.
Here is one of his video clip in youtube :

Five of  FCUPRODUCTION members, my father(big boss), 3 big brothers and me were going to accomplished the mission. I felt so lucky and excited for being chosen in this big project. For me, this kind of mission was very interesting and a good knowledge for my homeschooling. I would be playing a lot with camera, crane and gopro then.
Yahoo....Travel and Learnig to Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. We would be on the road for more than a week. 


Early in the morning we left Langkawi by boat. It took an hour journey to reach Kuala Kedah. All of us were full with spirit to do the best. May Allah bless us !!!

Waiting for our car at the Jetty Kuala Kedah.

I was one of the cameraman in charged.

One...and Two and...Three, Action !!

My sister joined us later at Melaka. This was her great opportunity to be self  elected model. Whatever.....

Kota Afamosa was one of my favourite site for shooting. The 
building has its own history that happened long time ago.
Be steady...calm down Mr. horse. Can I touch your face? 
Don't kick me okay!! I had been kicked by a cow 
once and standing near this Mr. horse really make
 me nervous.

Riding a trishaw around bandaraya Melaka

The decorated trishaw really make me feel like in one of Hindi movie.
Who is the hero and the heroin then....

Our interest is shooting all the historical place and all exotic things in Malaysia. This old building that had been built during Portuguese era looked interesting to me.

Pasar malam was always the best place for shopping .

Amazing Muzium Samudera (Replica of Flor de La Mar).

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