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Monday, January 4, 2010


Last Saturday, 2nd of January 2010, FCU launched its READING DAY. We officially choose every saturday as our leisure day, free from any official work, even surfing internet except for business and just hanging with books for the whole day.

The day started with a bright cheerful morning. Just after doing our weekly cleaning, everybody was engrossed with their reading materials. Of course, novels were the main chosen materials. At last after so long, our dozens novel collection become the favourite search!! Actually we can read anything, any books as far as it is in english. It is one of the effort to improve  our english besides to develop reading culture within FCU members. Inorder to create a cool relax mood, most of the music roomed our living room were mainly jazz and some instrumental hits.

Since we just started our READING DAY, the scene of everybody busy with their reading material filled up every favourite corner of the house!!!.
GOOD WORK FCU........ 
May Allah bless the effort.

So relax...Reading on the hanging bridge in fcu garden.

 Deeply absorbed in the reading material.

 What a place to choose. Anywhere far as you can concentrate!!

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