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Thursday, August 5, 2010


In a flight
Accueil brother Mounir!!  
Bienvenue à Langkawi.... 
êtes l'un de nos familles.

Lets me translate from french to english.
You are welcome brother Mounir!!
Welcome to Langkawi...
You are one of our family

(Brother Mounir in a flight to Langkawi)
He is a muslim from French and my brother's best friend. They work under ALSTORM at SHOIBA,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

At market Kelibang, Langkawi
We showed him around include our super duper market. He seemed amazed with our culture. Yeah...I could say that he enjoyed our food very much. 

Just imagined that he ordered laksa, nasi lemak, bihun soup and air batu campur at the same time. He said...very cheap!! He got stomach ache for the rest of the day...Poor brother Mounir. Trying to absorb all at same time.

cutting the wood.....

As I said before, our family was very busy with house renovation and brother Mounir was just came at the right time to show his skill. He really got lots of experiences during his stay....

We learnt to speak French with him. In fact, before he came to our house, I already tried to memorized some  French phrase. 

Bonjour....good morning 
Je vous aime.....I like you
s'il vous plaît soyez assis.....please be sitted

Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

It wouldn't take long for brother Munir to fall in love with Langkawi. I'm not surprise since Langkawi is Malaysia Paradise Island. I'm telling you the truth that I fall in love with every inch of it. Alhamdulillah....All the praise is just for Allah.

In fact, he said that he is going to find Malaysian as his soul mate(wife). He is so tall...well what we can say if that is his destiny.

Temurun (Waterfall site)

Even he was sitting, I wasn't taller than his shoulder. This guy is so tall...but he didn't mind walking side by side with me. 

Knowing brother Mounir is something great. He is a good muslim. I wish one day I have a chance to visit him in Paris.

Dataran Helang, Langkawi
All these photos were taken from brother Mounir's camera. I downloaded into my computer. There were many...many of them. Before came to Langkawi, he was visiting Johor, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. He snapped everything even the rain. I doubt he just saw snow all his life

Cable car on Gunung Mat Cincang
Subhanallah....What a view!! It is consider incomplete if you don't hang in cable car all the way to the peaks of Gunung Mat Cincang. The hanging bridge between the two peaks is waiting for you to take the challenge .

Are you trying to shoot me?

At museum  of  Melaka
What he is trying to do? I think ...trying to show french's silat to the statues. He is a funny guy...really funny guy!! After a  week with us, he went back to French. We really miss you brother Mounir!!

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