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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Anybody want to make bonsai?
Well, I have 3 general rules that my dad thought me during my bonsai class.
1- Any woody-stemmed perennial plant that produces true branches
2- Has relatively small leaves
3- Whose roots can be successfully confined in a fairly shallow container

Anyhow I am a bonsai lover who really like the adventures. I will try to turn any plant into a bonsai even the ideas are out of mind. It worth trying and I believe that nothing is impossible, right! 

 About 3 years ago , I tried upside down technique to create a more mobile bonsai. I made an entry about mangrove tree that I really crazy to turn it into a business. You can check it in my MY UPSIDE DOWN BONSAI AND HOW TO MAKE BONSAI POT

How about papaya tree then...?
Wow, that's quite impressive! I must say that it isn't typical for bonsai because of its natural structure. WitMbranches it will be very difficult to form it ? But, why not !

I must keep in mind that papaya have a lifespan of around 8-10 years (If I'm not mistaken.. correct me if I'm wrong), so not really rewarding in the long run as a Bonsai. I don't care about it since I am a crazy nut in bonsai adventure.

Bonsai wire is specifically designed to shape branches and small trunks.
 Aluminum bonsai wire and copper bonsai wire is of outstanding 
quality and is the most affordable bonsai wire on the market.

You must do it with care since the trunk is so soft. 
Once you break it, just a waste of time to wait for another months 
for the trunk to grow again.

Do it with love! You are free to make your own design.

Take your own time. Never force the trunk too hard. 
You can always repeat the process another time in order to get a good curve.

Baby papaya trunk is still soft. It is quite easy for me 
to shape it a split of seconds, I can break it!!

My papaya bonsai is ready!!

source: google

source: google

It is very easy and everybody can do it since you can germinate many papaya trees from the seeds. I will keep on update the progress of my papaya bonsai and also show how to wire your bonsai in a correct way in my future entry. Just keep on in touch.

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